Zone Industrielle atlas, n°32, Blida Algerie


Nova Globe offers sodium silicate at different ratios and concentrations, the product can be customized as per the customer’s final application

The use of sodium silicate:

Produced Sodium Silicate exists as an aqueous solution and can be used in different applications:

  • Cleaning products (household or industrial, like the detergent, disinfectant, food-standard cleaning product)
  • As defloculent for ceramics industry
  • In some refractory materials
  • In Textile industry
  • Wood processing industry
  • In Steel and metallurgical industry ( Stripper, degreaser)
  • In some specific Glue, paint and bleaching products
  • In the preparation of cosmetics.
  • Oil and gas industry for drilling fluids
  • In drilling waste management specifically using the solidification and stabilization technology.

Defloculent for Ceramic Industry

Nova Globe proposes different types of defloculents, developed as per the physio-chemical characteristics of client processed mud,

Nova Globe has a well-equipped laboratory located at Blida, the lab team is supported by the R&D department of the parent company,

Regardless of the complexity of the mud mixture, Nova Globe is committed to provide product that meet the strictest requirements with regard to quality and design.


Expert team is made available for the clients for track and monitor the performance of the delivered products.


Nova Globe proposes diffrent micronized engobe mixtures to protect the ceramic rollers : monoporosis technology ,double-firing ,ceramic tiles.

The product is currently under development in Algeria. It will be made available within the next months.

Different chemical products

  • Biocide
  • Oxygen Scavenger
  • Anti scale